etective Russ Agnew is tired of the Battle Creek Police Department being treated badly. Either budget cuts (the view of the "Brass") or unwise spending (the view of Agnew) force BCPD to operate in the Dark Ages without any of modern equipment and technology they need. Enter Milt Chamberlain, a tall, dark and seemingly idealistic FBI agent, born in Monaco and better politically connected than the late J. Edgar Hoover. Their styles are totally different but they share a single goal: to solve cases. Their very first crime scene together has BCPD crew donning "fancy" shoe covers and gloves, which are "high tech" to the BCPD team. Murder, witness protection & good, old fashioned detective work will solve the case if Agnew can keep his envy of Chamberlain in check and Chamberlain is not as trusting & naive as he appears to be.

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