eeing them out together, Greg accuses both Rebecca and Josh of being terrible people, Rebecca because she slept with another man while Greg and Rebecca were on a date, and Josh because he continually hangs out with Rebecca despite he knowing that Valencia doesn't like it. Rebecca comes to the eventual realization that she cares what Greg thinks because she considers him to be her moral compass. So she goes to great lengths to prove to him that she is indeed a nice person. Beyond throwing lots of money at certain world "problems", Rebecca decides that her grand gesture of niceness is finally to agree to represent Darryl in his legal battle against his soon to be ex-wife Stacy for custody of their daughter, Madison. Rebecca has to decide how far she will go to get what she believes Darryl wants while still coming across as a nice person. Paula ends up being a tangential beneficiary in the process. Meanwhile, Josh takes what Greg says to heart in reviewing his feelings toward Rebecca. He goes to what is his own not often used moral compass to find some answers, that place where he gets some rather non-traditional advice.

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