alph offers Aafrin, now fully recovered, a promotion whilst Ranu asks Ian to intervene with his uncle for money Armitage owes him and Sooni canvasses for independence though her meeting is brutally interrupted and she is arrested. Aafrin asks Ralph to secure her release, which he does, as well as requesting Aafrin and Alice to say the same thing at the inquest on Chandru Mohan. Alice volunteers to help at the orphanage, where Leena tells her that many of the children are not orphans but mixed race, rejected by their parents, and they observe Aafrin with his secret lover Sita. The Sipi fair takes place, where Indians can enter the grounds of the British Club. Here Sarah accuses Leena of having an affair with Dougie and Armitage collapses fighting with Ranu, who has served him with an eviction notice. At the inquest Aafrin and Alice obey Ralph's request but afterwards Aafrin finds an interesting document.

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