rmitage dies and Ranu offers Ian work as his plantation manager to the disgust of the racist Cynthia Coffin. Believing Ralph only wants Madeleine as a mistress and not a wife Eugene announces that they are returning to Chicago, prompting Ralph to ask Aafrin if he should propose. Sarah Raworth announces her intention of sending her little son back to England and, when she fails to get the expected support from Alice, threatens to expose her secret. The Viceroy comes to visit and Aafrin is invited to a dinner in his honour. Here he learns that the authorities are looking for the - possibly fake - certificate linking Chandru Mohan to Gandhi's Congress Party which Aafrin stole. He asks Alice to take a message to Sita, requesting that she instructs Sooni to destroy it but Sita, aware that the Delals disapprove of her, fails to do so and the document is found.

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