hocked to see Jaya, Adam's mother, Ralph ignores Cynthia Coffin's advice and goes to meet her where it becomes apparent that Adam is his son and it was Jaya's father who shot him. He promises to find Jaya a home and ensure Adam's welfare. Following their passionate embrace Alice and Aafrin are cool to each other. He is surprised that his father has persuaded the family to welcome Sita into their house whilst she is charmed by handsome mountaineer Billy Farquhar - until he reveals that he is a friend of her husband, spying on her on his behalf. Ralph pushes him downstairs, claiming it was an accident, but Billy leaves Simla anyway. Barred from the club for drunkenness Ian is returning home from a visit to Ranu, who claims that Jaya stole from him, when he hears a scream and discovers a body.

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