afrin begins an affair with Alice but is also coerced by Nationalists, including police sergeant Singh, into helping their cause. Eugene Mathers dies of malaria and Cynthia sees her chance to stop the wedding by suggesting that Madeleine returns to America with her brother's ashes. The local nawab visits the club and the British are anxious to get him on side against Gandhi though at a party in his honour he is angry that Indians are barred from the club. Having realized that Adam is his son and that Sarah knows Alice's husband is alive he attempts to bribe the Raworths by securing an English school place for their son. However he is genuinely shocked to find that, having once loved Jaya, he would have married her if he had known about Adam and accuses Cynthia of keeping them apart. A vengeful Cynthia counters by telling Ralph that Madeleine has no money but this only draws him closer to his fiancée. He is also intrigued when one of his staff finds a bracelet that belonged to Jaya.

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