n York in 1806 John Segundus attends a meeting of gentlemen interested in magic but is dismayed that they only study and do not perform it as it is long dead. A member with a similar interest, Mr Honeyfoot, directs him towards the reclusive Mr Norrell, John telling him he has heard of a prophesy that magic would return to the land thanks to two practitioners. After Norrell astounds the society by animating the statues in York minster he attains celebrity and travels to London, meeting the mystic street magician Vinculus, who foresees an illustrious future for him. He also succeeds in reviving the dying young wife of war secretary Pole but only after he has evoked a sinister spirit, the Gentleman, who strikes a bargain with him for his powers. Meanwhile in the country Jonathan Strange, who has recently inherited his father's estate, meets Vinculus, who tells him that he - Jonathan - is also a great magician.

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