hilst Norrell is celebrated for a daring illusion, persuading the French that the channel is full of English ships, John Segundus and Mr Honeyfoot visit Jonathan and his wife Arabella, introducing them to Mr Norrell. Norrell is impressed by Jonathan's intuitive form of magic and takes him on as his apprentice though he is dismissive of the younger man's belief that all magic stems from the Raven King, the last practitioner of magic in England some three centuries ago. Lady Pole meanwhile is subject to disturbing dreams, imagining herself in Fairy-land, and Norrell summons the Gentleman, who explains that this was the bargain for her revival, which cannot be reversed. The Gentleman also encounters Pole's valet Stephen Black, transporting him too to Fairy-land, where he is promised that he shall be a king. When Lady Pole explains her predicament to Arabella Stephen swears her to secrecy lest the lady be thought mad. Jonathan amazes the onlookers, incurring Norrell's envy, when he re-floats a stricken ship with horses conjured out of sand, prompting the prime minister. Lord Liverpool, to suggest he goes to Portugal to help the English in the Peninsular War against the French.

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