t the Temple of Gaia, Hero is being bled by Cyrus who is looking for answers to the riddle of the Lexicon in Hero's blood and the whereabouts of the ring of the Magi. Oracle manages to free Hero and they escape from the Temple of Gaia. On the road, they come upon Daedalus. Daedalus and his son Icarus had been held in a Minoan prison tower until they escaped by creating gliders but Icarus soared too close to the sun, his glider failed and he plunged to his death in the ocean. Hero plans to head back to his home in the Forest of Troezen to get proof of his lineage, hoping to find a ring that Aegeus left with Hero's mother. Oracle and Daedalus follow: Oracle because he's her ticket into Athens, and Daedalus because he's interested in this extraordinarily ring. In Athens, Medea learns of Hero's existence and orders Cyrus and two ruthless warrior priests to find Hero and bring him to Athens immediately. In order to contain her husband, King Aegeus, Medea sedates him. Prince Lykos discovers his courage and makes tactical suggestions which prove to be successful in combat. Lykos is heralded by the court but when he refuses to murder a captured Minoan soldier, Pallas realizes that Lykos was attracted to the soldier and uses this insight to establish a deeper relationship with Lykos by providing him with a scribe, Kimon who will serve as his lover, and as Pallas' spy. Hero, Oracle and Daedalus come across a bridge of stone spires extending over a deep chasm. As they carefully make their way across, Hero is suddenly struck with a vision and time freezes all around him. As Hero tries to comprehend this, things get worse - when a terrifying beast materializes out of thin air and attacks him. Hero snaps out of his vision just in time to avoid plunging to his death. He, Oracle and Daedalus move from the stone spires onto a what seems to be a huge expanse of smooth stone but what they are actually crossing the palm of a gigantic hand.

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