edding bells ring as miner Mark Daniel marries visiting actress Keren Smith whilst Demelza and Ross have their own celebration as their daughter Julia is born, Ross not allowing Demelza's father's unwelcome visit to the christening party to ruin matters. Young Dr Dwight Enys comes to the area and is befriended by Ross. He is progressive and philanthropic, which annoys the curmudgeonly incumbent Dr Choake. With widespread poverty and mine closures all around Ross proposes that the pit owners form a collective with their own smelting company, to beat the Warleggans' monopoly, and presses ahead with the scheme. Francis opts out and is subsequently ruined as his mine is forced to close. To repay Verity for her kindness Demelza reunites her with Andrew Blamey in town, where they witness a food riot by starving locals.

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