nto Carolyn's operating room come two patients from the same gunshot incident, one the criminal and the other the police officer. The officer dies, while the criminal, Randall Mason, survives, but not before he suffers cardiac arrest. Coming out of the situation, Mason is obviously freaked by what he experienced while he was dead, not a pleasant one like most have described the afterlife to be. After initial opposition, Mason does open up to Carolyn about what he saw while he was dead. Although there were some people he knew and killed, such as the police officer, on the other side, he was disturbed specifically by one unknown to him young woman who wanted something from him - he not knowing what - and would haunt him he believed into eternity. What Carolyn and Janel discover, with a little help from Peter, leads to Mason trying to take matters into his own hands for redemption before his passes permanently into the afterlife. He and Carolyn have to work fast as Charles is getting much pressure to get Mason out of the hospital and back into prison, where Carolyn and the team would no longer have access to him. Meanwhile, Sophie continues to test the boundaries of her relationship with her parents, most specifically her mom.

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