olfgang has just returned to Vancouver after a stint in Hong Kong, where he covertly passed along some information to one of his operatives, and learned that there may be a regime change in the Red Mountain triad. The whereabouts of the current head, General Wu, is unknown, Wolfgang believing that he has long been hiding in Vancouver. Wolfgang passes some of this information in a debrief to Al, who in turn tells Wolfgang of a new person of interest, a Mexican prosecutor who is seeking sanctuary at a local church. They do not know why he is a person of interest. They are also unaware that a young woman named Eva, who is court mandated doing community service at the church, could play an importation part of what happens in this file. Without her knowledge of the reason, Wolfgang gets Kelly to help him in this matter, she who is desperate for any research that she could add to her list of publications, which have been few and far between of late. In their discussion, Al doesn't divulge some information to Wolfgang, who Al's superiors are concerned about being too uncontrolled and unsupervised in his work. One of Wolfgang's local Romeos, Rufus, is struggling under the strain of the work. His mark, Dee, is falling in love with him and is thinking about leaving her husband Vince, who is the reason Rufus started seeing her. Wolfgang asks Rufus to see the current issue through, namely to go along in name only with a request by Dee in response to a request Vince makes to Rufus. Through all these problems, Wolfgang meets a new associate at the university, Lily Song, who may take his mind off of his covert work.

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