nce a stoner, now a respectable insurance salesman, Danny Gates decides against asking his irresponsible drug-taking long-time friend Milo Edwards to be his best man at his wedding to Kate, which so upsets Milo that he overdoses on magic mushrooms and starts to hallucinate. He sees Danny as a bearded, armour-clad knight killing Callum, an assassin sent to murder Milo, before Danny disappears. Milo rings the real Danny to dispose of Callum's body but, after fiddling with a wrist band on Callum's arm - which subsequently disappears - they find themselves in a parallel universe where Milo's late grandma Jenny is still alive, Kate is unfaithful with colleague Pete and the pair discover a dead version of Danny. To return to normal they must retrieve the wrist band - no mean task as Callum is still in pursuit.

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