om, Cornelius and Seth are on their way to Toronto for the NATO summit, where much of the discussion is planned to revolve around nuclear deescalation. Cornelius warns Tom that despite the French having brought up the issue unofficially, they may have a different stance on the matter in public unless all the ducks are in a row. Beyond Seth's first experience on Air Force One not being quite what he expected, all three men find that the NATO summit doesn't proceed the way they expected, each of the three who deal with slightly different issues, all circling back to a story that hits the media in the early hours of the gathering. Meanwhile, John and Mike continue to work on finding Hannah and discovering who the mole in the White House is. With the latter issue, Mike calls in Chuck, who he hopes will be able to do some computer forensics to find out who deleted the files. Based on what he sees of what has happened thus far, Chuck thinks he has a way to set a trap for the mole. Hannah discovers how tenuous her situation is when she sees where she is being held captive. Knowing that escaping on her own is a near impossibility, she has to find a way to get word back to John and Mike as to her situation. And Aaron, who did not follow Kimble into her new role as Secretary of Education, has to figure out what his next professional move will be.

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