hen Chronos attacks and enters the Waverider, Hunter takes off leaving Ray, Kendra and Sara In 1958. Eventually Chronos leaves and takes Snart and damages the ship making it impossible for them to go where they want. Ray and Kendra assimilate to their life in 1958, Ray becomes a teacher and builds a beacon so that the Waverider can find them. But it arrives two years later. They ask what happened to Sara, Ray says she left and they don't know where she went. They try to find her and discover that she rejoined the League of Assassins. So they go and try to get her but she turns them over to Ra's al Ghul who plans to execute them for trespassing. But Rip who knows about League and their ways makes a plea that their fate be decided by combat. But al Goul says one of them has to fight Sara and Rip chooses Kendra but she hasn't be able to tap into her abilities since she and Ray were left in 1958. On Chronos' ship Snart discovers who grabbed him.

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