ichard's party attends the arranged marriage of Bronwyn, the daughter of the collaborators's leader to Gryff, the son of a rich merchant who secretly spies for the resistance. Barely recovered from his surprise that Gryff is a passionate and knowledgeable admirer of past seekers and unwilling bride to wed, Richard gets a prophecy that he will be killed in his latest endeavor, intrude in the camp of Darken's most trusted general, who will stay there only one night. When Richard decides to ignore the warning, the witch Shota, who made it, magically switches his body with that of Gryff so that even Kahlan is fooled. Richard is forced to marry in the enthusiastic presence of the D'Haraan garrison commander, but escapes during the hasty wedding night with the equally unwilling bride to catch up with the 'false' seeker's party, which benefits from Gryff's qualities.

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