hryne Fisher investigates the death of Saul Michaels who collapses in a bookshop after suffering what appears to be an epileptic-like seizure. He was an apprentice cobbler working for Chaim Abrahams whose brother Saul Abrahams owns the building in which he died. She suspects he was poisoned with strychnine- the coroner can't find evidence to support that - and bookshop employee Miss Leigh is arrested and charged with murder. Saul Abrahams is convinced of her innocence and hires Phryne to find the real killer. Michaels, a passionate Zionist, had recently borrowed the British Hansard for 1920 Volume 40 and someone breaks into the bookshop to try and retrieve it. There are several twists and turns but greed is at the root of it all. Meanwhile, Bert and Cec have a falling out and it's up to Dot to try and mend fences between them.

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