eacon finally accepts Juliette's offer to tour with her, and Rayna's not happy about it. Liam wants Rayna to change labels, neglecting to mention he has a side deal. Rayna fires him and hires a woman guitar player. Rayna gets her own label and wants to sign Scarlett and Gunnar. Rayna struggles with being on the road with Deacon, and finally texts him to come up to her room. When she opens the door, it's Teddy who came to tell Rayna he wants a divorce. Juliette slips a ballad that she and Deacon wrote into the show and the crowd response is OK, but Glen has a fit. The song ends up online and is popular. Scarlett is having trouble making rent and Gunnar hates his roommates, so they agree to move in together platonically. Avery has a camera follow-along interview and takes them by Scarlett's house. That evening Gunnar and Avery get into a fist-fight.

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