unnar is blaming himself for his brother's death, and sleeping with Scarlett didn't help. Scarlett turns to Deacon when Gunnar goes after the killers. When Gunnar doesn't show for their label audition, Scarlett has to play solo. Deacon is at his wit's end dealing with the puppy, so he takes it to the vet (Stacy) and promptly starts dating her. Dominic tells Avery that he owns him, and Avery will play what and how Dominic wants. Avery torches all the master tapes of the music, signs a publishing contract, and gives Dominic a cheque telling him to take a hike. Rayna's crisis manager books her on the Katie Couric show. Rayna deals with (Maddie) her eldest daughter's disrespect, and ends up giving Maddie the first guitar she ever played to help her deal with her feelings. Juliette tweets her small concert location and six people get hurt in the mob that shows up, including Maddie. Juliette continues dodging her mother's counselling sessions until she overhears one.

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