ayna tells the girls she's dating Deacon. Deacon gives Juliette his condolences on Jolene's death and she blasts him. Maddie tells Deacon she thinks he may be her father. The US Attorney's office notifies Teddy they're investigating the Cumberland deal. When Teddy contacts Peggy he hears surprising news. Scarlett and Avery meet for a meal. Gunnar brings flowers home and tells Scarlett he came clean about the music to the producer. Scarlett says flowers won't fix what's wrong and leaves to go hear Avery play. At the CMA awards, Juliette lashes out backstage and is horrified by what she said. She leaves. Deacon confronts Rayna backstage about Maddie's parentage, they argue, and he winds up in a bar. Rayna goes home where she and Teddy try to calm a hysterical Maddie. The morning of the funeral Glen brings Juliette her award. Rayna comforts Juliette at the funeral. Juliette arrives home where the mail includes a letter from Jolene. Tandy quits her job. Gunnar proposes to Scarlett. Rayna flips the car with her and Deacon inside.

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