ommy finds a pregnancy test in the trash at his wife's house, and instantly assumes that the test is his daughter Colleen's. Janet is forced to break the news that the test is actually hers. Tommy's Dad calls to tell his son that he is back at home with his wife, and although he is getting the silent treatment he couldn't be happier. Unfortunately, things are not so bright for Chief Reilly, who finds himself in a spot when he's overextended with his bookie. Faced with the possibility of bodily injury, he pockets some jewelry while out on a fire call. Lou also finds himself in a tight spot when his buddy's widow makes a pass at him. The Probie's home life becomes a mess when his girlfriend's teenage daughter Nicole comes to stay with the couple and hits on him. The guys learn that they're getting a female firefighter in the house, and decide to ice her out and alienate her so much that she wants to leave the house.

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