lthough Darrin tells Samantha that he would have married her if he knew that she was a witch, Samantha isn't totally convinced. So Endora, without Darrin's knowledge, gives Samantha an opportunity to see for sure by sending her back to the past to do all over again. The date Samantha chooses is an evening that she cooked Darrin dinner at his apartment when she almost told him the first time around. She does tell him this second time around, and although his reaction isn't exactly what she would have wanted, he does go into the process of asking her to marry him, but it's the entire story behind the question that doesn't sit well with Samantha. When Darrin finds out what has happened, he asks Endora to send Samantha back one final time to let the scene play out to its completion, which may have a slightly different ending than what Samantha was anticipating.

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