ith Endora busy with another engagement, Samantha calls in her old nanny, Elspeth, to come and sit with Tabatha. This move does not sit well with Endora, who believes Elspeth has come to take her place in Tabatha's life. It also initially does not sit well with Darrin that Elspeth believes she is to be a live-in nanny, that is until Elspeth sides with him against Endora. Further incensed, Endora decides to bring in Lord Clive Montdrako, Elspeth's employer, who is literally and figuratively master of his castle and believes that every upstanding warlock/man should be the same. He does not take too kindly to Darrin poaching Elspeth away from him, despite Elspeth's assurances that she quit working for him since she could no longer tolerate his ways. Regardless, Lord Montdrako sees Elspeth not returning as Darrin not being able to control his house. So it becomes a battle between masters, Darrin who does not stand a fighting chance against a warlock. Lord Montdrako's spells against Darrin not only place Darrin in a precarious personal situation, but also jeopardizes a lucrative business account. When Samantha learns about the nature of Elspeth's relationship with Lord Montdrako, she believes she has way to halt Lord Montdrako's campaign against Darrin, while allowing Elspeth to stay with them.

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