Sous-titres Queer As Folk, Saison 5 - Episode 1

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Episode #5.1
USA, Canada
47 min


Brian forbids Mikey to tell Justin how much he misses them and plans a surprise visit, then hears work for the Rage movie will take three, four months longer, so he drops the plan and tells Mikey he doesn't expect his lover back at all. Justin is actually knee-deep in naked hunks at a Hollywood pool party. When Debbie and Carl return home, they are treated to Emmett's nude live action show with Shawn, legs-up. The one-day-married men find Hunter at their neighbors' rave, rather then studying, Ben considers moving to a quieter quarter. Ted shows Brian amazingly good financial results for Kinnetics' first year and suggests an extravagant self-treat. Brett Keller has casted Rage- to Justin's surprise, his officially 'straight' mate Connor James, who actually jumps straight back into Justin's horny hole. At the surprise party for ten years Mel and Lin, Emmett tells Debbie it's time to move out, even if she wants him to stay, then the lesbians confess they are separated since their daughter's birth, Mikey is disgusted, disappointed Brian didn't tell, and hence ready to move. Just now Brian needs his hunting ground most, the police closes down Babylon because of Sapperstein's malefactions, which actually solves another problem. Brett has terrible news too...

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