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Quantum Jump
48 min


Martin Rauch leaves his home in East Germany to spy for the HVA undercover in the West German army as Moritz Stamm.The East German HVA is concerned by Reagan's "Evil Empire" rhetoric and American military plans in West Germany. When an opportunity for one of their assets presents itself, high up in the Bundeswehr, they quickly need someone very young. So Lenora Rauch sends her nephew, Martin Rauch to West Germany against his will. In Bonn, en route, he receives intensive training from HVA field operative Tobias Tischbier, and arrives at the army base in the Eifel under a new identity: Officer Moritz Stamm. His job is to collect intelligence on NATO plans to station Pershing II nuclear missiles in West Germany, as aid to a General Edel. Also, in the process, to befriend Edel's rebellious children, the angry Alex and the beautiful Yvonne.

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