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(Disdainfully) the Helbergs


The Chases' car has had it, but father Bob has a great idea: they can earn a new mono-volume just like they got their old '5-mobile', by making another quintuplet-commercial, the same car company is interested. Alas the reason they stopped doing commercials hasn't changed either: they must do an audition against the perfect, blond Helberg quintuplets, mercilessly managed by greedy, arrogant father Francis who never looses. Parker refuses to do a car commercial because of his Greenpeace-minded girlfriend, so Paige's brainless boyfriend Tyler pretends to be Parker. The Helbergs get the job because the Chases fight hopelessly, but when bossy Francis 'fires' his son Chase for becoming Penny's boyfriend, even five nincompoops are better then four stars to play quintuplets...

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Quintuplets 1x05 - (Disdainfully) The Helbergs