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Episode #4.6


Lindsay 'Linz' Peterson enjoyed working with painter Sam Auerbach, but punches the 'vilest man I ever met' after some manual contact and the suggestion of a threesome with her dike partner. After a row witch Vic, Debbie wants no trace of him left, so Mike and Emmet move his last belongings, but find him deceased. Justin noticed studly Shane at Babylon, finds him in a bar and is invited to help him unpack as he's moving into Pittsburgh. Deb works out her guilt for being mean to Vic by slapping Brian and throwing him out for saying Vic's four years after his terminal diagnosis were a priceless gift, only Micheal understands him. Blake apologizes to Ted followed by a kiss, both greatly appreciated. Justin is in no mood to honor his bet with Brian, who instead gets a blow job from Shane, who afterward compliments Brian's gear but adds he's a doctor and alas notices a suspicious lump on his left testicle.

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