Sous-titres Queer as Folk, Saison 1 - Episode 6

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Episode #1.6
45 min


Marie and Stuart go to see their parents to discuss matters but the whole relationship is fraught and matters are not helped by the fact that Stuart has never told his parents that he is gay. Vince,however,is much cheered by the attentions of Cameron,whom he begins to date,and who charms Hazel when they visit her. Nathan's rebellious attitude is,however,causing a problem so Stuart,actually admitting some liability for a change,agrees to talk to the boy. Unfortunately when they arrive at Janice's house,her estranged husband Roy is there and he makes his feelings about Stuart very clear. Stuart retaliates in flippant fashion,leaving the house with Nathan and leaving matters unresolved. Stuart also learns that Romey,displeased at his failure to visit his son,is planning to marry Lance,an African in order to give him British citizenship.

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