Sous-titres Quintuplets, Saison 1 - Episode 6

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Get a Job


Dad grins the kids' half-birthday makes them old enough to work for their own money. In no time Parker finds a pick-up dream job at a burger joint; he panics when his first zit appears, blaming it on the frying fat, till he finds girls love the idea of popping it out. Patton proves a born shoe-salesman, who can give girls the feeling they deserve ridiculously expensive footwear, at their own cost; alas birdbrain Paige also signs on and stupidly tells customers the truth, their supervisor Neil has a soft sport for the twit- the second day, their bickering gets them both- fired. Pierce takes a pet-shop job and gets hopelessly attached to most of the live merchandise and buys one after the other. Now they save a fortune on allowances, dad Bob spends one on a motorcycle, and dreads telling the wife. Penny is fired in the video-store on her first day, but makes dad hire her 'not telling ma about the motorcycle'. When Pierce's cockatoo bites off Parker's zit, his scream make dad run in wearing his biker-outfit...

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Quintuplets 1x06 - Jobs