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Episode #4.8


Brian is back from his testicle-amputation in Baltimore, pretending to have holidayed on Ibiza, but Justin accidentally finds out by a message from the oncologist; Michael insists they must respect his secrecy. Guilt-consumed Debby spends $27,000 she can't afford on a monumental marble angel for Vic's grave, at least Justin won't remain hopelessly alone serving in the diner. Hollywood executive Brett Keller promises Mikey and Justin to keep the movie version of Rage gay and stays in Pittsburgh to see Brian, their intriguing inspiration, in Babylon on 'wet willies day', but Ben reproaches him to use his rare power not for gay issues but meaningless 'entertainment for 12-year old boys', Hunter worries needlessly Michael may break up; Keller sent an option. In Lindsay's gallery, painter Sam Auerbach apologizes and gets invited for dinner, his idea; after seeing her work, he insists she takes it up, and chosen as subject spontaneously strips. After Michael confesses in tears how they found out, Brian throws indiscreet imp Justin out.

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