Sous-titres Parade's End, Saison 1 - Episode 4

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Episode #1.4
287 min


Christopher is in Rouen with his godfather General Campion and the unbalanced McKechnie,his job being to kit out fresh troops for the front. His desire to see that the men are humanely treated brings him into conflict with unfeeling superiors such as General O'Hara. Sylvia arrives in Rouen,swearing to Christopher that she has been faithful to him and asking his permission to move,with their son Michael, into the Tietjens family home,Groby. As ever he cannot refuse her. The feud with O'Hara is intensified when Christopher fights with him after O'Hara has accused Sylvia of being a whore because of her infidelity with Perowne. O'Hara has him arrested but,to spare him,Campion makes him a second-in-command though with a fighting battalion near the front.As Campion bids Christopher farewell he tells him that there is proof of Sylvia's affair with Perowne,despite her assurance to the contrary.

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