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Grace Under Fire
60 min


When participants of a reenactment of the Alamo are injured they go to the ER. And one of them shoots a man, who is brought in but has a bracelet that signifies he's part of a sect that refuses medical treatment. Jordan removes the bracelet and proceeds to treat the man. One of the paramedics who brought the man in informs Ragosa of his belief. That's when he removes Jordan from the case, and they try to have him declared mentally incompetent. So Landry tries to talk to him but he's unconscious. T.C. wants her to declare him mentally incompetent to help Jordan but she refuses until she has a chance to assess him. And it's while they are talking Jordan sees them and learns about them. Paul makes a mistake that nearly harms a patient. Drew is away for his Army reserve commitment and during an exercise there's an accident. One of them needs immediate attention. And their vehicle is damaged and they can't communicate so they have to carry him to where he can get help. And Ragosa has a headache and finds a bottle of what he thought was aspirin on Landry's desk and takes them but he later learns they're not aspirin because he starts acting weird.

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