Sous-titres The Night Shift, Saison 2 - Episode 11

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Hold On
60 min


TC goes to a rodeo where there was a structure collapse and he has a close call. He saves a man whom he brings to the hospital and Jordan treats him and discovers his behavior is strange. Paul and Krista are treating a girl and things get tense between because they both applied to be Chief Resident. Kenny goes on a ride along with Gwen, and they talk about each other but Gwen clams up when things get personal. They come across an accident were someone was seriously injured. The father of the one who was injured demands the one responsible be arrested and it's Scott. They bring him to the hospital and Scott wants to operate but the police show up demanding that Scott take a sobriety test. He has to wait for the results before he can operate but the patient doesn't have that kind of time.

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