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A man who was stabbed is brought in. The police show up saying the man's daughter is the one who stabbed him. He doesn't want to press charges but the cop says it's not up to him. He says his daughter is mentally ill but the cop says even if she is she needs to be confined. And the father doesn't want to do that, So TC and Topher try to find out what's wrong with her. Paul gets a pent who is a boy who has respiratory problems which can be treated with meds but the mom can't afford them, so he tries to find a way to get them. Drew goes to a friend's promotion ceremony and Krista goes with him. during the party someone shoots a Colonel and a stray bullet hits Drew's friend's wife. So they are both brought to the hospital. The wife is exhibiting some strange symptoms which makes Drew think something else might be wrong with her so he runs some tests to find out. Ragosa is having trouble being able to pay for his daughter 15th birthday or quinceanera.

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