Sous-titres Les frères scott, Saison 1 - Episode 21

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The Leaving Song
60 min


The knowledge that Dan actually requested joint custody over Lucas but was turned away by Karen makes Keith doubt her and the Scott boys, who now train together as friends, how their lives would have been growing up as brothers. Peyton and Brooke loose Jake's baby daughter Jenny in the mall, and find Nikki picked her up. Haley is furious when she finds porn sites on Nathans computer, even though everybody else considers cyber-sex innocent fun, no competition for her. Since coach Whitey must have an operation, Dan manages -to his fury- to be made Ravens coach for one match, and works the boys like a penal company. Jake thinks he'll lose a custody battle against Nikki, so he considers moving to family in Savannah and gets Peytons support. Lucas comes to a decision which worries both Karen and Keith.

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