Sous-titres Les frères scott, Saison 1 - Episode 16

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The First Cut Is the Deepest
60 min


Dan experiences he has abused both his boys so often neither will thank him for anything- Nathan not for a brand new sports car, Lucas not even for having saved his life. Now neither Brooke nor Peyton is going with him, and coach forbids him to work out as it over-strains his hurt arm, Lucas goes out with a loose girl in a bar, Nikki, ignorant of her relevant past. Dan makes Keith an offer he cannot refuse to pay Lucas' hospital bills: a sale of his garage at market value, keeping him on as manager with an option to buy it back. Deb finally tells Nathan the truth Dan holds over her: when their son was on basketball summer camp years ago, she walked out with another man- he now feels betrayed by both parents and wants completely out of the family...

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One Tree Hill