Sous-titres Les frères scott, Saison 1 - Episode 14

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I Shall Believe
60 min


When the doctor tells Keith it's too soon to tell how bad Lucas's injuries are, he informs Haley, who throws Nathan out immediately and calls Peyton, who is with Brooke at the time. Mother Karen learns to her surprise Dan saved her boy by bringing him in and giving permission for surgery as his father, while Keith caused the accident under nearly illegal influence of alcohol. Karen and Deb comfort each-other at Lucas's sickbed, where Peyton briefly and Brooke more elaborately meet Karen. After Haley gives him the silent treatment, Nathan sadly admits to Deb he barely minds she's separating from Dan. Karen hears her insurance probably won't cover all the hospital bills, and finds out later that Keith paid the bill. Coach assures Karen not to doubt Keith's love for Lucas. Jake and the park court basketball gang make a get-better-video for Lucas; even Tim joins in making a chalk drawing on the court. Dan cancels marriage mediation, and isn't impressed by Deb's lawyer either, but gets a hug from Karen. Peyton tells Haley Lucas reads her soul. Nathan says at Lucas's sickbed he envies him some time off, suggests him to make up with his loved ones, and Lucas wakes up with Nathan on his bedside. Nathan goes to get Haley, telling her he doesn't regret having courted her for the wrong reasons as she changed him for the better, then gives her a ride to hospital.

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