Sous-titres Les frères scott, Saison 2 - Episode 16

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Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking
60 min


Brooke is high: she's about to be installed as school president and her dad should get another well-paid job. Nathan, still drinking, is livid after a call from Haley she'll be on TV, refuses to go to Keiths wedding, gets no sympathy from coach -who even rats out his fake ID in the liquor store- and drives Deb to abuse pain killers, as Lucas soon finds out. Andy thinks Karen can get Lucas back now his detective found Dan pays all expenses for some Emily Chambers. Chris makes it appear on national TV as if he and Haley are a couple. Best man Lucas takes Brooke, Jake and Peyton are late as they are too horny, Nathan turns up drunk and cursing outside the church. When Andy learns Jules is Emily, Karen asks and guesses what Dan pays her for- Jules runs off, only Dan triumphs. While Nathan burns his memories of Haley, Deb tells him to go get her back. Brookes dad got the job- but must move to California next week...

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