Sous-titres Les frères scott, Saison 2 - Episode 9

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The Trick Is to Keep Breathing
60 min


Haley makes Nathan agree to go to the prom even though his parents will be chaperons; Peyton pays Brooke's chosen dress for it; Lucas tells Felix he's taking Anna; Mouth comes alone 'on the prowl'. Lucas learns Dan is hiding his full recovery. Haley finally accepts to play with Chris in Peyton's club, but they run late, leaving Nathan dancing with his ma; when she finally arrives they are crowned king and queen of the ball but just then Nathan learns she worked with Chris even while he was in Charlotte, and ends up showing he gave up Highflyers for her. After Mouth tells her he, not Felix, took care of her while she was drunk, she's livid and tells Felix he'll never have her heart.

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