Sous-titres Les frères scott, Saison 2 - Episode 8

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Truth, Bitter Truth
60 min


To Brooke's horror, her ma even sold her king-size bed. Chris Keller asks Haley to play and sing on his studio recording that same evening and coaches her well enough to give her confidence and consider a career in music. Karen confronts Peyton about her cocaine experience and tells manager Rick she wants no more ties with him. Keith is happy with Jules in and after bed. Brooke, Peyton, Haley and Anna have a slumber party in Nathan's apartment where Felix is found naked twice, first in bed with Brooke, and secrets and lies are revealed in anger. Meanwhile, Lucas and Nathan drive to Charleston for a Bobcats basketball game, where Nathan reveals he really come to be tested free during a college study for Dan's genetic heart defect HCM and asks Lucas do the same as they each have a 50% risk, but Lucas refuses to live in fear again; Nathan is okay. Karen and Andy finally go all the intimate way despite wrestling with their teacher-pupil ethics.

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one tree hill