Sous-titres Les frères scott, Saison 2 - Episode 10

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Don't Take Me for Granted
60 min


After the prom, Anna sleeps over at Peyton's- Felix sneers she's getting a worse reputation then his, while Peyton has a hard time with lesbianism-innuendos, even though Brooke says that appeals to boys, but ends up making a stand at school. Brooke finds Nathan slept on Lucas's floor; when he goes home, Haley tells him she respects his sacrifice and wants him to go to Highflyers, but won't do the one thing he asks, stop seeing Chris, so he walks out again and warns Chris in ominous terms and grip. Brooke blames Felix for her broken windshield and rages at him; he finds out it was Mouth, who also tells Lucas, but pays anyway; in the end he convinces her of his love. Dan takes the reins back at the dealership and offers Keith to stay on. Karen orders Lucas to take the medical test, or no basketball anyway- Nathan confesses he told her. Chris gets a chance to make a tour, asks Haley along and kisses her again. After Deb confesses her infidelity with him to Karen, Jules gets a call from Keith he loves her, and reports it to...

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