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You Can't Always Get What You Want
60 min


Brooke tells the Latino pool boy he's not allowed to use the swimming pool, and when he gets out finds he was skinny diving- the next morning he turns up at her school in a sports car; it's her new neighbor Felix Taggaro, who is even more flirtatious, self-confident and sassy then she and uses Mouth to find his way. At college Karen gets to know personally her business economics professor Andy Hargrove, a retired self-made tycoon. When Lucas tells he wants to use Dan's rehabilitation to get to know him properly, Nathan gives him his blessing. Dan orders Keith to fire Nathan, to no avail. When Keith advises against the second hand car Haley and he hoped to buy, he generously spends the money on a keyboard so she can work on her composing talent- and gets barked at to take it back by his ingrate wife. Peyton gets a chance to manage a famous musical duo, but only if she supplies them with and uses cocaine. While taking a sports car for a test-spin, Dan makes Lucas accept Felix' race dare, and offers him the keys- which chases him away. Deb encourages Karen finally to start her long-dreamed bar extension to the café and is asked to help run it as a club. Now she's poor, Brooke is caught shoplifting but Felix saves her bacon. Keith offers Nathan to learn car mechanics by fixing together a car/wreck he intended to strip for parts, which Nathan may then keep.

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Les Freres Scott - S2E04 - You Can't Always Get What You