Sous-titres Les frères scott, Saison 2 - Episode 7

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Let the Reigns Go Loose
60 min


Felix continues to be Brooke's sex-toy. Chris makes Peyton beg for him to perform at the Tric club opening and hands her a 'rider' (list of demands), which inspires Brooke- about non-committal rules for Felix. Dan tells startled Karen he forgave Keith for sleeping with Deb, news to her. Keith asks Jules to the opening, they become exclusive. Coach, in hospital, understands Nathan gives up Highflyers for Haley's sake; seeing the crowd gives her major stage-fright, but when Chris leaves the stage because the teenage crowd won't listen quietly she plays, to applause, then he invites her to collaborate musically. Mouth hoped to get a shot at Brooke, but she commends him as a- sweet little brother, ouch; he accuses Felix, Lucas gets it backward and catches a solid punch, mainly for dating Theresa; Craig throws Felix out, Mouth brings drunk Brooke home, who only wakes up when Felix is beside her.

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