Sous-titres Les frères scott, Saison 2 - Episode 3

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Near Wild Heaven
60 min


Tim is dead-set to hire a stripper so Nathan must get a post-wedding bachelors night; the girls laugh at him -and grab their chance to rip off Nathans shower towel- but although Haley is worried, Brooke is actually no less eager to throw Haley a killer bridal shower in her expensive style, starting with a limo ride to a private lingerie show followed by a car repair man who doubles as shirtless dancer. Dan is still recovering and atypically friendly, even asking Lucas to forgive him for everything; Deb considers taking him back. Keith starts in Dans managers seat by offering Lucas a job, who passes it on to Nathan and offers instead to mind the café now his ma Karen has decided to go to college. Tim shamelessly shows his dads 'porn video' starring his step-mom, but when he gets mouthy to who he thinks the stripper his brother hired it's two female cops who arrest him for real, which only makes even more horny. In the strip club where Haley gets a stripping lesson, Brookes credit card is refused: washing dishes! The female stripper arrives after all the boys have gone home, but is eager to please hunky Nathan in private as far as he wants...

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