Sous-titres Les frères scott, Saison 2 - Episode 1

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The Desperate Kingdom of Love
60 min


Nathan and Haley wake up next to each-other, barely able to believe they just got married; flash-backs show how her parents agreed and she nearly chickened out realizing they have not a single identical CD; when they hear Dan is in hospital, she suggests not to tell him right now. Deb takes the news badly in the hospital chapel, blaming the newly-weds while fearing Dan is dying. Lucas has a new haircut as a symbol of his new life with Keith in Charlotte; hearing about Dan they make a list of reasons not to go back, but decide Lucas should for Nathan's sake, but Keith for his hateful brother? On such a beautiful day, Brooke insists to take Peyton on her parents' speed yacht, and even skinny-dive.

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