Sous-titres Les frères scott, Saison 3 - Episode 22

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The Show Must Go On
60 min


On his second wedding-day, Nathan wakes up from a nightmare about Haley drowning. At Keith's grave Dan calls him his would be-murderer, Deb dares not confess the truth. Haley gets Karens warmhearted approval to get 'married again' in a wedding dress Brooke made from the same material as hers. Brooke walks out on Peyton, calling her a backstabbing bitch. Dan helps Lucas tying his white tie. Lucas offers to give Haley away, to her delight, as her parents don't come. The renewed vows exalt the power of love. When Dan says to Deb they'll get married again to, she tells him she was the arsonist; he goes weep at Keith's grave and apologizes to Karen, who tells him she's pregnant. Brooke throws the full drama when Lucas accidentally tells her about his library kiss with wounded Peyton; yet they both make fine toasts on the happy couple. Rachel saw Coop complimenting the singer Michelle Featherstone and after his lame toast steps to the microphone to call him a hypocrite. Brooke dances with Lucas but wants nothing more to do with Peyton; he finds out one of the girls is pregnant as well as Karen- both Haley and Rachel are telling they are, when their cars crash on a bridge, and Coops goes down; Nathan jumps after him...

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