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When It Isn't Like It Should Be
60 min


Now things are getting normal again, Rachel invites the kids for a weekend in her parents' vast 'cabin' in the woods, complete with quads. She invites Mouth with her to the master bedroom, but he declines: he's there for his friends, not her, and won't forgive her time-capsule stunt- he bunks with Peyton, whose leg still isn't healed. Nathan plans to propose again to Haley, so the girls freak when she can't find her wedding ring which he took to that romantic end; Lucas tips off Brooke, now the two are like pees in a pod again, but Haley sees them 'having found the ring' so Nathans plan is crossed; out fishing, Nathan complains to Lucas nothing ever goes perfect in his marriage, so they decide to get the ring back, but even Brooke finds it a hard target. Bevin and Skills get lost, or not really. Brooke greets Pete Wentz from the band Fall Out Boy with a spontaneous kiss, but he's there for Peyton who kisses him for real and drags him in her bed. Seeing how much good the weekend does the others, Mouth forgives Rachel in the Jacuzzi. At home, Karen throws Keith-memories and mementos at Dan and calls him his killer just for letting him enter the school and a coward for not going in to help his two sons. After Nathan's successful second marriage proposal, everybody is ready to return happy.

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