Sous-titres Les frères scott, Saison 3 - Episode 14

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All Tomorrow's Parties
60 min


Peyton tries to handle her biological ma Ellie's death by taking a road-trip to New York with Haley and Brooke for her fashion contest. Coach reads the boys the riot act on the bus to the Classic, but finds chaperons Keith and Karen giving the bad example on the backseats and decides to share Keiths room, Karen goes to his, he even drags Keith along bowling. Rachel runs a tight ship captaining the cheerleaders. Brooke hears her turn is a day later: no Classic for her? The Scott brothers accept player Tony Battle's invitation to an 'early' party after a home dinner, which sets them thinking about family and life. Bevin has worked out a cascade of room-switches so Haley sleeps with Nathan and drunk-puking Peyton with Lucas. Brooke meets her stunning 15 year-old model Solaris who takes her to a hot party and ODs; she runs, talks to a cabdriver and a competition official, realizes winning means starting adult life and flies straight back to do the Classic instead, in time to share in her teams triumph. Karen proposes to Keith, coach has to pay her hotel porn bill.

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