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Return of the Future
60 min


Another terrible Ravens game; coach blames everything on total lack of team spirit. Keith is back, admitting to Lucas his wife Jules was not what he hoped, and just no match for Karen. Brooke must take the couch at Nathans place, but gets invited for Rogue Vogue, a fashion talent show in New York. Nathan fears Dan was right to suggest Haleys sudden pregnancy is all too convenient. Coach punishes the boys by transferring them from the glorious stadium to a dump which they must first clean up; Nathan walks out, but after talking to Lucas and Dan about his chances for a scholarship etc. returns. Keith laughs at Dan's promise to prove he's the arsonist, but tells Karen he had intended to kill his brother but was beaten to it by Deb and helped her flee. Lucas shows Nathan the tactical advantages of studying the flaws in the old court. Karen warns Lucas to be careful with Brooke in every respect. Brooke finds out gratefully her design work was entered by- Rachel! Karen kisses Keith, but he is arrested for the murder attempt on Dan before her eyes...

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