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Brave New World
60 min


Haley is back in Nathan's bed; she's scared when Dan turns up and tells her he still expects their annulment. Brooke is back in Lucas' bed, but freaks out when the Internet-orders are over tenfold her dressmaking capacity; she puts everyone, even babysat children, to work, but only Rachel proves productive- and only on her own order. Peyton asks Lycas to drive her to her mother Elisabeth, but not to join them there; her amazing LP collection shows they have music to bond, and she asks her in vain to move in back with Larry and her while helping Haley with her record; meanwhile Lucas visits Faith who lives nearby; back home Peyton gets a surprise visit. Deb tells Nathan she's not coming back to One Tree Hill and confesses life with Dan turned her into the deliberate arsonist 'to free both of us'; he is disgusted, tells her Dan still wants what's best for him in his wicked way, she counters he even turned away the best school-team's scout and threatened her into silence. Rachel approaches Mouth.

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